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About questionholic

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Hello: about me?

i love to ask questions not necessarily answer questions, i love spending my time try to be rich online. why do i ask so many questions? because i have too many of them.

beside working on this website and work at my regular job(boring but allows to me to spend time online)
I flash phones
i can flash phones to cricket wireless remotely via teamviewer and locally of course
i fully flash htc evo, 3d, epic, increadable, increadble 2, faciante, hero and most android cdma phones:

we are located at 
8600 word parkway
kansas city, mo, 64114
store name XCell accessories.tttttttt
what i discovered while searching the web
 BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) can cure most STD including herpes and hiv/aids, but do research and make choice.

bees honey doesnt come by bee's poop, but their spit.

Very touchy

no sex to topple dictatorship

“These are pure criminals, and now terrorists are infiltrating within to launch grenades at us. They are looting even chicken,” Kigen told Reuters.