When to euthanize your dog diagnosed with lymphoma?

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my Rottweiler Kenya had this terrible cancer, she was diagnosed the disease 4 weeks ago, had a biopsy's, week later was told the terrible news. 2months they said. my heart broke my lovely Kenya. 
Gave her prenicure drugs I was also offered chemo but read into it wasn't worth it life span maybe 6months or year but still she would have the stress of chemo an sickness an there was chance that it wouldn't work. didn't want that for her it wasn't the money I would of got another job to help pay for it, I didn't want to put her thru more suffering.

Kenya had diarrhoea for 2 weeks really bad then it stopped we was up every hour an half with her wanting to go out side to cool down as she boiled, got a big fan to help didn't really.

3 1/2 weeks later she then suddenly didn't eat didn't want to know anything lost her balance sick every 20mins, it happened so fast within 10 hours she changed. I had to make that decision for her to be pts it was so heart breaking my girl looking so withdrawn there was nothing I could of done.

I have read an goggled about this disease one lady had 2 dogs that had same the first one sounds like what happened to my girl I waited maybe too long. the second one she made that decision to be pts as soon as she found out.

Believe me when I say this don't make the same mistake pts is the only way they suffer an if you love your dogs make the right choice.

Kenya has left me with her 3 boys an 1 daughter if it happens to them god forbids I will not hesitate.
Kenya has been cremated I have her ashes in a lovely chest box waiting for us to join her one day.

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Date: Tue-May-31-2016
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