Free summer kids activites in Denver

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Date: Thu-Feb-18-2016-
Denver, Colorado is a kid-friendly place to visit or live. There are so many activities geared to children in and around Denver, and the good news is that many of them are free.

If you are looking for entertainment for children during the summer and don't want to break the budget, try some of these free ideas:

* The Children's Museum of Denver

The museum offers interactive attractions for hands-on educational play for children 8+ years and younger. Free admission, sponsored by Target, each Tuesday from 4 - 8 p.m. Located in downtown Denver at 2121 Children's Museum drive. Call 303-433-7444 .
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* Denver Zoo

Located at 2300 Steele Street, the zoo has 700 species on display in replicas of their natural habitats. Four times a year, the zoo offers free admission days that are widely advertised. To obtain information about the exact date of the free day during the summer, call 888-638-5648.

* Bluff Lake Nature Center

Animals, reptiles and birds in their natural habitat can be observed from walking trails that wind through wooded areas and across wetlands. An enjoyable experience for all ages, and free of charge. Located at 7350 E. 29th Avenue, telephone 303-468-3240.

* Hammond Candy Factory

Children will love watching how candy is made. The factory features hand-pulled taffy, hard candy, chocolates, lollipops and candy canes. Call 303-333-5588 to arrange a free tour of the factory located at 5735 N. Washington St. There is a gift shop on the premises in the event you want to purchase freshly made candy.

* Colorado Sports Hall of Fame

Located at Invesco Field at Mile High, this venue is open, free of charge, Thursday through Saturday year round from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Sport fans will enjoy viewing past and current sports memorabilia. Call 720-258-3888 to schedule a group tour.

* U. S Mint

Ideal for children 4+ to observe how money is actually made. Each visitor receives a freshly minted coin as a souvenir of the visit. Tours are free. The Mint is located downtown at 320 W. Colfax. For reservations call 303-405-4761. can also be made on-line.


Located at Blvd. And Xenia St., east of the city, this playground boasts a playground to delight any youngster with rubber purple mountains, a winding concrete turquoise river and a large sand pit. Choose a cooler day to visit, as there is limited shade and the play equipment becomes hot from the summer sun.

* City Park

Watching ducks in the lake and playing in the water fountain will
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