The teacher's role in providing a positive homeschooling experience

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The Teacher's Role in Providing a Positive Experience:

parents have an apparent disadvantage to most educators, whom are working in the local schools. The majority of the home schooling parents do not have their state's funding resources for the supplies, needed to compete on the same level. This disadvantage, forces home schooling parents into being more creative in preparation and institution of subjects. There is much debate, about whether parents with a lesser degree of education, can compete with traditional schools available knowledgebase.

Each state has different core requirements, for students to complete in order for them to be proficient enough to graduate, or complete a General Educational Development or G.E.D. Testing successfully. Provided that all core classes or subjects are met, the state usually has no real objection, as to where the children obtain their education. However, generally state schools are upset because they are losing funding for missing kids, whom are being homeschooled instead of attending traditional schools.

Aside of the typically pointed reasons for taking children out of public school, such as violence, drugs, and un-proficient teachers, the parent has to take a role, of home educator and administrator. Making this decision is difficult. Yet, after the final decision is made, to bring your child home, it is a good idea to have a good relationship with a few credentialed teachers/tutors.

Standardized Testing and Funding of Public School Educators:

Currently, most states have requirements that must be met by each school and each teacher. These requirements will either be met or the school district will lose a percentage of their funding. Normal educational cuts, which have been seen in the past, have taken programs to expand the horizons of our children. In order for schools to remain in the good graces of the governmental demands, they are forced to teach our kids, how to pass state required standards testing. So, the ultimate losing party seems to be our children.

Standardized testing is a good thing, provided it allows each teacher to do their jobs. We send our children to a public school, on a daily basis. We do so, because one; our state requires our kids to have an education. Secondly, so we do not have to worry about all of the state's requirements being met. Lastly, we do this so that our children can compete in society, once they graduate High School. However, as of late, our children
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Date: Thu-Feb-18-2016
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