My friend Helen has a german shepherd who is not eating properly, any ideas?

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Date: Thu-Feb-18-2016-
July 09, 2009 03:51 PM | view on twitter I think I would ask a few more questions before trying to decide what's causing the pup not to eat. How old is he, has he possibly eaten a toy or swallowed a sock? Does he act as though he doesn't feel good otherwise?

Sometimes it's a matter of a dog not liking the food you feed them (some dogs are picky eaters just like people) but then too, it could be something worse. If he's getting old, he might be having some kind of internal digestive problems, or maybe he swallowed something he shouldn't have.

I had a dog eat a sock once, and it wasn't pleasant watching him throw it back up, but thankfully that's all it was and we didn't have to take him to the vet to have it removed from his stomach.

If the dog hasn't eaten in more than a couple of days I would call the vet and make an appointment. Sometimes dogs don't feel well, just like people, and they just eat less for a day or two as they lay around trying to feel better.

There are also some other great tips in this article I found, about creating a regular eating schedule for the dog, and monitoring his eating habits to get an idea of what's 'normal'.

Good luck!

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Date: Thu-Feb-18-2016
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