How many times can you reschedule a custody hearing?

To whom it may concern: My name is Lucie and I currently have a friend who has been put in a really tough situation. Her husband, about a year and a half ago, walked out on her and their two little girls, leaving them with nothing and moved to Texas. He was refusing to pay any child support and made it appoint to continuously harass her; at one point he actually hired someone to follow her. she, on numerous occassions, tried to reason with him; even allowing the girls to visit him in Texas. A couple of months ago she made her way down to child support services and filed for child support. this of course did not sit well with him and on the girl's last visit, around christmas time, he decided that he was not returning the girls and went to the court in texas and filed for an emergency child custody hearing as well as a restraining order against her. On the intial hearing date, my friend flew out to Texas, only to learn that he had called the night before to reschedule the hearing date. She does not have alot of money and has been working extra hours and saving every penny to fly back out there in March. My fear is that when she does, he will pull the same thing and I know for a fact she won't be able to handle it on her own. What can she do?
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Date: Thu-Feb-18-2016-
>What can I do if my ex keeps rescheduling court appearance for child support?
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Date: Thu-Feb-18-2016
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