Planning a holiday with the kids help

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Date: Thu-Feb-18-2016-

On our last holiday we decieded before we went that the kids all had to decieded on 1 activity that they really wanted to do and everyone had to participate whether they were interested in what they had picked or not. As in past trips we have done all the GA_googleFillSlot("minti_advice_island_logged_out_300x250"); tourist things and after a while that gets a bit boring. Our last trip was to Perth and my son is a keen dragcar racing fan so we all went to kwinana race way to one of the major events of the year this was in late december and instead of being a nice summers night they had freak weather for that time of year and it was freezing by 10pm it was freezing and we all were ready to go but not my son who reminded us that this was what he picked and everyone agreed to it so we stayed right to the end at 12pm still freezing but very memorable. My other son wanted to go to Margaret River and climb this enormous tree no joke this tree was a few stories high we could see for miles I haven't climbed a tree since I was a kid and nothing like this I got about half way up and wanted to come down but no there were people behind me so I had to go to the top my legs were like jelly for a day.Then theirs my daughter guess what she deciedes to pick of all things ice skating I have never laughed so much how my husband didn't break a leg is beyond me. This was one of the most memorable holidays I have ever had so next time you plan a holiday do something that you never would have expected to do let the kids get involved in the planning of the holiday they tend to have more creative ideas. My husband and I picked visiting the freemantle prison and the zoo not as creative as the kids but they enjoyed it and everyone got to do what they wanted.

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Date: Thu-Feb-18-2016
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