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Re: how do i deal with excema
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hi this is my first question ive put out to everyone so here goes.

my 13 month old has extreme excema and has done since we bought her GA_googleFillSlot("minti_advice_island_logged_out_300x250"); home from the hospital. the doctor keeps prescribing steriod creams but they do nothing. we have been using all the QV products for bathing, lotion, mosturiser and all that. ive tried every kind of excema creams and i even have my daughter on lactose free milk because she cant have normal milk.  her excema is heat related and i cant seem to keep her cool enough to stop it from coming out all over her body.

does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep her cool, how to help her sleep though and stop her from scratching herself till she bleeds. im sleep deprived and her all night screaming from the itch and pain is driving me batty.  

My Advice:

I had terrible excema (raw skin on my fingers and hands when it was at its' worst) and Mum used all the creams and lotions recommended but nothing worked really well.  The best remedy she found was (wait for it, this is great!) to cover my hands with a layer of good old pink zink cream, then dip them in Fauldings corn starch powder (from the chemist) and put my hands in cotton gloves.  Even to this day, I have no idea why it worked and nor does Mum, but it did.

My excema went hand in hand with asthma - but strangely the excema was terrible and the asthma was mild, and they stopped around age 7-8, they returned briefly when I was about 15-16 and were sporadic until I was about 20-22 the disappeared altogether.  I've since heard they are often related, and it is common for them to follow roughly a 7 year cycle.

By heat related do you mean body or room temperature?   Some people seem to maintain a higher core body temp than others.  If it is room temp that's easy to fix with a fan, and light clothes or just a nappy.  If it's body temp though, try researching natural remedies that will lower it or see a naturopath for advice.

Also, it will be a bit more expensive, but try not to dress her in synthetics - go for cotton so the fabric "breathes", and use only cotton sheets for her beddnig.


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