how can i fatten up my son

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Date: Thu-Feb-18-2016-

Re: how can i fatten up my son?


my son is 129cm tall and 21kg. he is small in size. I have to buy a size 8-9 clothes for him due to his height but have to take everything in as GA_googleFillSlot("minti_advice_island_logged_out_300x250"); he is a size 6 waist.

He eats everything I give him.

How can I make him put on weight??? I looked at the height to weight ratio today and he is underweight.

My Advice:

If he has always been this build I would not be to concerned especially if he is a good eater some people just have a slender build. My son has always been like this and is a big eater he is 19 now and is always trying to put on weight but sometimes this is just something that comes with age. If he is not normaly this build and has dramaticly lost weight then I would definately seek medical advice.Some boys do worry about their apperance the same as girls, boys tend to like to be bulkier and some girls aspire to be thinner this is the society we live in. Might be worth your while taking him to a nutrionist if you are worried about him they would have some answers.


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Date: Thu-Feb-18-2016
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