Could your kids be better behaved?

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Date: Thu-Feb-18-2016-

A great way to start is by using the technique of Catch Them Being Good. It's a feel-good method of guiding your child's behavior and pointing them towards the behavior you want - responsibility, practical thinking, compassion, confidence. Catching them being good not only creates better behaved children, but gives GA_googleFillSlot("minti_advice_island_logged_out_300x250"); them better parents. It creates a positive relationship between the child and the parent, encourages good physical health, and supports great mental health. You'll find that the whole family will be happier.

But Catch Them Being Good is more than just that. Anything that you are able to do well, you can do because someone Caught You Being Good! A teacher gave you a gold star, Mom gave you a smile, you got recognition from a boss. Catch Them Being Good is the basis of learning to be confident what what we do and what we know. It helps raise self-esteem like crazy. It also helps us build a foundation that we use use to solve problems. Smart people will continue to check with others. "Did I do this right?" "What do you think about doing something this way?"

But using the Catch Them Being Bad Technique, that is so ingrained in many parents, creates a negative, suspicious atmosphere. It has the opposite effect of creating discouragement, guilt and low-self esteem. Children often become less responsible, insecure, self-centeredness and poor thinking. Who wants to encourage that in their children?

Catch Them Being Good is the best way to encourage positive behavior from your children, incredibly fast!

Jayne A. Major, Ph. D. is the author of Breakthrough Parenting: Moving Your Family from Struggle to Cooperation which she has taught for the last 25 years. Please visit for more parenting resources including online parenting classes and community.

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Date: Thu-Feb-18-2016
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