Methods to attract women to the sciences? What are some methods to attract more women to the sciences? I need at least 4.

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Answer 1

Let's see...

Changing a tire

Changing the oil

Replacing a mirror

Replacing light bulbs

Adding windshield washing fluid

Adding antifreeze

Replacing one of the lifts on a hatchback

Making repairs to car upholstery

Fixing a door handle

Installing a car stereo and speakers

Fixing an armrest

Replacing a driver's side seat

Repairing a crack in a windshield

Beyond that, I prefer leaving the work to professionals, who have the right equipment and can perform repairs in far less time than I can.

Answer 2

Well, one time the vanity mirror on my car's sunvisor fell out.

And I put it back in. All by myself!!

If it was anything more technical, I would call a mechanic. Or some other guy. I don't bother pretending to have skills that I simply lack. And I certainly don't have any ego invested in my ability to perform car repairs, for goodness sake!

(Sceptical of a few of the above answers - bit of a cynic, I'm afraid!)

Answer 3

I am taking my driving test next month and don't have a car. But I think it's sensible if you have an expensive piece of machinery that you rely on to know how it works and maintainence.

I put my motorbike together though and did the basic things like fitting the battery, oil and petrol etc. It's pretty simple really.

Answer 4

Its pretty kick A$$ to see all these women doing their own repairs. Why let some jackass mechanic do a bad job when you can do it yourself. When you get stranded and their is no mechanic around you will be glad you learned how to get that hunk of steel moving again.

Answer 5

Add transmission fluid and oil, change the air filter, check those things on a regular basis; including the tires; you don't you're zonked; plus it saves on money on repairs. However, I never changed a tire. Include add my own gas.

Answer 6

Just the basics - oil change, taking care of transmission fluid and oil, replacing air filters and belts, changing tires, that kind of thing. Luckily my current car is very dependable so I don't have to do much.

Answer 7

Thats for the mechanic to do. I have neither time, energy, nor the inclination to even think about car repairs. How many broken zippers have you replaced?

Answer 8

Adding/checking fluids, oil change, tune up, change wipers, fuses.

Helped with much more.

The funny thing is sometime just the norm, checking oil etc, if I'm doing it away from home males will crawl out of the woodwork to check what I'm doing. Just checking oil.

Answer 9

Change seals on head gaskets, repair radiators, change hoses and fittings, sparkplugs, repair rust spots, change tyres, coolant, oil, etc.

Oh reminds me, have to change wiper blades today before going to work.

Answer 10

Oil change, changed spark plugs, air filter, windshield wiper blades, changed many tires, and other general maintenance. It isn't much fun, and for the big stuff I take it in - transmission, brakes.

Answer 11

None--whats your point?

My husband doesn't either. Not trying to sound "elitist," or anything, but most people in our social sphere hire people for those things.

Answer 12

Replaced brake pads. Cleaned spark plugs. Changed fuses and bulbs. Switched out batteries. Nothing major, but I got my hands dirty. Why do you ask?

Answer 13

change the oil

replace headlights

replace thermostat

change tires

Answer 14

Change the air filter, and add coolant,oil, brake fluid.

Answer 15

Zero. I don't think changing the air filter, wiper blade, or tire count as "repairs".


Answer 16

More than I can count. My dad rebuilds cars for a living and taught me a lot of what he knows. My older brother wasn't interested, but I always was : )

Answer 17

Like that'll ever happen. That's what mechanics are for.

Answer 18

i have done a oil change and recharged the ac

Answer 19

A little touch up paint. Replaced my tire.

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