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Aren't the Russian and Chinese people great? Aren't the Russian and Chinese people great? But then the American government is not so great. It is disappointing to see the Russians and the Chinese being constantly maligned by the US political establishment. They have this habit of calling the kettle black. At least the Russians and Chinese don't pretend to call themselves democrats like the US does. US governments are all about hypocrisy because we all know that big business really runs the country.

By: Guest
Date: Mon-Dec-21-2009-

Answer 1


You don't have the whole story. Neither China nor Russia are utopias.

There is a person names Murdoc that controls much of the media and have stopped any negative news that comes from China. That's because he has business there and the government of China would have stopped doing business with him if any negative news come from any of his newspapers or media. They even kill prisoners to get their organs to sell to other persons.

As for Rusia. Vladimir Putin gave china a large portion of russian territory in exchange for extending HIS comunications business to china. There is corruption there. And if you think that the IRS is bad here. You must see the TAX police in russia. Literary going to your home at night with rifles to arrest you if you dont pay your taxes.

I give you a secret. The state of each country is just the biggest mafia that took power. They never represent the people, except in the case of a recent revolution, but that is another story.

Answer 2

I have studied Russian and Chinese history in some depth and as always one must separate politics from the people. China invented a whole raft of things before they made their way to the West; a short list would include bells, wheelbarrows, crossbows, paper, the use of magnets, an earthquake detection machine, gunpowder, the use of coal as a fuel, noodles, and on and on. Russia is more famous for its cultural achievements than for its inventions; Russia gave birth to several outstanding mathematicians and psychologists, wonderful art and colorful architecture, and a great literary tradition. Not to mention music - I find it highly amusing that homophobic Americans play the Russian 1812 Overture at July 4th celebrations and at New Year's Eve celebration. More amusing yet, Tchaikovsky was gay. Peter the Great was a genius and deserves to be called one of the greatest monarchs in history.

Answer 3

Hey, fractalass: Why don't you go to hell? I went to combat for the US before I was old enough to legally drink, so I'll stay right here and say any g-d thing I feel like saying about our corrupt, bought and paid for government. And every single other American citizen has the same right. If you don't like that, you are the one who should leave. I just recommended where you should go.

It's funny, though, how I only ever run into you tough guy, America, love it or leave it morons online.

To answer the question: Putin, like Bush (and most of our other politicians), is nothing but a gangster. The Red Chinese are the most brutal oppressors on the planet. In addition to what they do to their own rural population and the Tibetans, they are the sole power protecting the butchers in Dafur and Myanmar. Basically, we've got crooked, scumbags controlling all three of the major powers on the planet, and then we have the medieval, misogynist barbarians who control the massive oil reserves of the Arabian peninsular. The common folk all over the planet need to smarten up, toughen up and learn to get organized, or we are all collectively doomed.

Answer 4

Do you understand your question ? you say Russian and chinese people are great.. ok.. why you pull the American govt? i agree that both china and russia people are great like our people. You are comparing the above two nations to a true democratic country. If you ask about the chinese and russian governments. i will answer. They are not equal to america. people in america are free. They have freedom of speech, freedom to write, freedom to abuse and everywhere they will get freedom. But, there is no freedom in those nations. Both are communist nations.. They will say that they are for people..but, their action always against the people. Those people are good, but they can't express anything against the govt. see, america...every people has right to speak, write against the govt. will anyone can do in those countries? Their life closed. America is a democratic country and what is wrong in saying democrats ? American people are also very good people. just see the history of those nations.. you can understand. how many people ran away from their country? how many people tortured ? how many students killed ? how many hanged or shot dead? The govt is ruling there threatening the people. is america threatening their own people ? as i said above, see the past events of those countries... go and read...

Answer 5

Weeell.... the Russians do "pretend to call themselves democrats" actually, and the Chinese, even Chinese Americans born and bred, get very upset when I criticise the Chinese government.

We're all just human beings with imperfect political systems..... But I agree that US democracy leaves something to be desired. (And yes, I dare to say this, NOT BEING AMERICAN, shock horror!!)

Answer 6

This doesn't seem like much of a question. America is great and it's people are great. I have nothing bad to say about other countries or their people yet people like you seem to constantly want to throw mud our way. I do not understand why it is so necessary to bad mouth the US. We have issues and I do not agree with a lot of things that happen, but other countries have issues too. If you have a real question ask it. If you want to make general comments go find Yahoo.comments and stop using Yahoo.answers.

Answer 7

Russians are a more socialist way rather then free market.

The american people let the american gov get this way....we let the two party system to gain to much power(something our for fathers said no to), we let people like S kenndy sit in office for 40 politicians was something else we werent suppost to do.

We voted based upon looks and news recording...the american people have no one to blame but ourselves.

Answer 8

Have you ever asked a question yet that wasn't a rant on how much you despise America? If by chance you do live in America, why don't you just leave you little prick? And if you're out side of the country, why do you care what we're doing here?? Jealous that America is that land of opportunity and your country sucks?? Get a life, please.

Answer 9

Great. Bash America. I hope you feel better. Yes, everyone is better than America and Americans. Everyone that feels this way should leave America and not come back. Also, they should not spoil their minds by even thinking about America.

Answer 10

Even though banking and oil have as much power as the political establishment Americans can exercise a lot of freedoms it seems the Soviets and Chinese would be wise to steer clear of.

Answer 11

The only thing I applaud about the Russian and Chinese government is that they can keep their citizens mouths shut.

Answer 12

Nope.... I have never met a chinese or a russian, or a celtic person for that matter, that was worth their weight in salt

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