Gang Rape - My Story - How to overcome?

Well the start of my troubles was when I was 13 years old and still is one of the biggest things to happen to me and is something I have not told Barry. Anyhow, lets stop beating round the bush so here it is...
I had this best friend,
or shall I say so-called best friend Tanya one night Sunday October 18th. We went down by the legion and met up with some friends of her brothers and ours. Just being kids we seen this little blue like office thing and decided to sit on it. Well I had to be home by 8pm and Tanya for 9pm, so me and tanya said right were off and headed for my house. We were walking across the field by the flats and the 3 boys; Ashley, Kyle and Kieran seemed as though they were actually chasing me. I dont know what happened then, but Tanya disappeared and so did Kieran. Kyle was the biggest of the lot and pinned me down while Ashley stripped me of my clothes. At the time, poppers were the in thing, so i guess that made it easier. I was kicking, screaming, trying to hit and calling Tanya. Well Ashley had sex with me and then he disappeared. Kieran come back and did the same, I was screaming, 'someone help me please.' He grabbed my clothes, shoes, everythng apart from a t-shirt which was also ripped and with kyle still having hold of me decided he would have a go too. But on his own was not strong enough to hold me, and rape me. I managed to escape, I found Tanya on the other side of the flats. She put me on her back and took me home, the key was in the door which meant my sister was out.
I went straight to my room and shut the door behind me, Kellie and Alicia were over the road. They came home and Kellie heard me sobbing and guess what - she found my clothes. She demanded that I opened the door and I let her in and blocked off the door. Alicia woke my Mum and Bob went out with half a snooker cue. Nobody was about and he returned home, I told Kellie everything and she said I had to tell the police. I went downstairs to confront everybody and called the police - well mum did.
They arrived and they took my clothes. At the police station, photos were taken of my arms as they were bruised from when I was struggling. Tanya also made a statement and she agreed that I had been raped... Well until she had a video interview and then she said the same as them; it was only a game. Yeah, some great game and even a school friend of mine Jemma that lived in the flats said that night as Kyle was raping me they were returning home and even though they see as my witness and offenders have the same story all they got was a caution.
I could not accept that as punnishment for what they did to me, so the next day I never went to school. I arranged with Bob I was going to stay home and in the morning we went to the school well close to it oh walking to school in happy moods there they are laugghing cos they got away with it. So we approached them, 'Kyle,' I said, ' you think you have got away with it do you?' Before they could give an answer, Bob had Kyles arms behind his back holding him there. I said revenge is sweet. Now you feel the pain and I was punching and kicking him. I could not look at him anymore, I felt sick and told him to stay away or I'll do it again and walked away. He and some school friends said Bob hit him in the mouth once. That day the police came, Istill had blood on me 'cos his nose was bleeding, but still Bob was arrested for assault and charged with ABH. and over and grand in the courts so much for sweet revenge well there it is its out and I've said it .
Although this is my worst nightmare i now think of my bright future abusee free instead of the dusty past i hope others can do the same .
Date: Sun-Dec-27-2015-
Someone else said this very same thing. This is very uneducated and rediculous! I don't normaly say 100% that something someone had said is a lot of crap but this is. 

And if you think you can keep your daughter away from boys.... please don't kid your self, she will probly still do it behind your back anyway but if something was to ever go wrong she couldn't come to you because you would be angry at her. So doing this would create a lot more problems then your trying to prevent.

And most rapes happen by family members or close friends so your plan is not going to work in most cases.

And you also talk about men taking advantage of naive girls, guess what your daughter would become if you kept her away from men....

Also men and woman can be friends 90% of my friends are male.... I get along so much better with men!

It is NAIVE to think men and women cant just be friends!!!!!

And how is your daughter ment to know how to act around a man who isnt a reletive if she never gets the chance?

Please rethink your VERY narrow view because i think you will find your are doing a lot more bad then good!!!!
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Date: Sun-Dec-27-2015
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