Would an other than honorable discharge show up on a criminal background check? I'm not trying to apply for a government job, and I don't want to be a cop. I am in a college program that requires a background check as part of admitting to the program. Its the kind where you fill out all the places you live, seems thorough but I'm not sure. The branch of service is US Army Reserves.

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Date: Fri-Apr-16-2010-

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They will only go back about 7-10 years anything in that time will be found.

Vet-USAF / have had two done this year

Answer 2

If you are going for a government job they will want your dd214. That will show your discharge. Getting an other than honorable is not easy, you had to do something pretty bad. One way or another it will probably be a problem. Having been in the Army for more than a day and you telling me you have an other than honorable makes you hope you are unable to pass the background check.

ADD: Certain jobs esp government ones or ones dealing with government contracts can ask you all about your background to include you military discharge. They may require to see your dd214

Answer 3

It won't be on a criminal background check, getting an OTH is not a crime. By the way, it is against the law for employers to question your military discharge status so if during an interview someone asks you, you can refuse to answer, although I would just be honest, most people wouldn't care, especially if you explained the circumstances that led to it.

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OTH is not a crime. It will not show up on a criminal background check. It will show up on a background check performed by the government but the private sector never has to know unless you tell them or you need a security clearance for your job.

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Yeah, they check that, like that guy said, just be honest

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It's not on your criminal background check but it will be on your DD-214 that they WILL want a copy of...just be honest about it, it won't bar you from employment.

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if you were ever arrested...have a criminal history

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