After basic training do soldiers get a chance to come back home for a little bit? Not after Basic Training. Only after AIT and only then for about 3 days unless they do homeland recruiting and then they are home for 10 days but they are working at a recruiters office for those days and then they will report to their first duty station.

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Answer 1

No. Typically you will graduate one day and leave the very next day for AIT. Your family will be able to visit with you on the day before graduation and the day of though.

The only exception to that is if you are a split option - meaning you will go to basic then home for school and then AIT during the summer break.

Answer 2

Last I heard, the USMC is the only branch of the military that sends new Marines home after boot camp. USMC "Boot Leave" is 10 days long... at which time the new Marines report back for Infantry/Combat training.

Of course... it's been 4 years since I was last "in the know" about boot camp... it might have changed in that time, but I doubt it.

Answer 3

Depends what service you are in. But usually after Boot camp, you go right to AIT. If your doing something like Infantry, boot camp and ait are rolled into one and they are there for 14-16 weeks, then get a graduation, then get to come home for 2 weeks before they must be at their duty station.

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well when I was in the army 18 years ago I went directly to AIT, But I got a week+ after. But of course i was going to Germany for a few years, I had to tie up my stateside ties.

so if the same is true - no

Ask your recruiter. He will know all.

Answer 5

Yes. Usually just a couple of days.

Answer 6

No, that happens after AIT.

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