Do you get paid while you are in boot camp? I have bills and stuff and I was wondering will you get paid and how much (air force bmt)?

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Date: Wed-Dec-23-2009-

Answer 1

Yes, but don't be shocked, you won't get much than you expect. You'll be paying for all those cleaning materials, your uniforms, and everything else that people think we get issued for free. After Boot camp, I think my check was $300-400 (for those 3.5 months in bootcamp) because I was single, no dependents at that time. No telling what I was getting paid while during bootcamp, not like they let me see my statement. But you do get paid during, they gave us ATM cards in bootcamp. For those who do not have a bank account, the Marine Corps West Credit Union (if west coast) will be provided for you. Not sure if you have a choice or not, if you already have a bank account. I didn't have one so I had Marine Corps West, such a crappy bank. I switched it to Navy Federal Credit Union at my first duty station, kept that bank since, a very good bank I should add! Forgot what bank it was called in the east coast, for Marines.

The DIs will march you all to the PX once every few weeks to resupply your hygiene and cleaning materials for the squad bay. Most of that stuff will get dumped wastefully by the wrath of the DIs so you'll be learning how to use your ATM card frequently throughout bootcamp. And don't spend it on anything you think you need, they chew your *** out - they monitor everything you buy. And definitely don't lose your card! I did in boot camp, I about lost my mind after they were done with me!

Answer 2

Of course they pay you. In fact, you may even get BAH (basis allowance housing) depending on whether or not you have dependents (i.e. kids or wife). Also the pay varies, it all depends on your rank/pay grade. I got paid WHILE in training (twice a month, the first and fifteenth). They even give you an advance (like $300) when you first get there so you can buy all the bare necessities.

Answer 3

I don't know about the Air Force, but I did get paid when I was in boot camp when I was in the Coast Guard. I didn't get my first paycheck until after I graduated, but I still got paid for all the hours I earned while I was in boot camp.

Answer 4

you get paid at the end of basic training

Whoever gave it a thumbs down clearly has never been to basic training

You at no point have any money on your person while in basic.

Answer 5

You do, but you don't actually recieve any of it until after boot camp.

What's up with the thumbs down, can't handle the truth or something?

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