If you are declared unfit for military duty during BT, what happens? You are discharged and sent home.

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Date: Thu-Mar-4-2010-

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you will go to a separate building for a month to three months I think the building is called section 8 but its been 8 years so I can't remember for sure what the building is called. You will do details and wait for your paperwork to process. Details include cleaning, picking trash up, etc. Keep in mind though its not easy to be declared unfit most military psychologists know that people will say anything to get out so you have to really prove to them that you truly are not cut out for military life. You definitely do not want to get this not only will you be in longer than people that are graduating on time, but you'll also have to be ready to make all of your excuses to your friends and parents on why you wussed out.

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