How much would be the budget going to baguio? Me and my girlfriend would like to go to baguio this coming sept. 12 up to sept. 14 2008 for 2days only. Anyone knows a cheap transient which has a private toilet/bathroom,TV and kitchen with free use of its kitchen utensils? I would like also to ask if how much money do i need in able to spend 2days in baguio for two pax/persons?

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If I were you, I'd rather stay in a hotel. Transient homes rates is pretty much or a little more expensive than hotel rates. But if you're tired of getting hotels, you sure could go for transient homes. Here are some transient homes in Baguio: Click a place you want to obtain caretaker/owner contact number. I suggest getting a transient home at Gen. Lim area, it's quiet but near downtown, market, session rd., and SM mall. There are some people at the bus stop advertising their transient places but please be aware of the transient place area. Brentwood is upscale and expensive, Brookside, T. Alonzo, Irisan, Dominican Hill, KM 7, Greenwater are far areas, it would cost you a lot for taxi fare unless you guys are driving.

If I were you I'd stay in Prime Hotel at Session Road or or Microtel Inn & Suites (just behind Victory Liner terminal) with rates around PhP 2, 000/ night or if you're in a tight budget, go to the 456 inn at Session Road. Price is half a hotel rate but don't expect too much in furniture and services.

You guys would be comfortable having a budget of PhP 7, 000 up.

PhP 4, 000 for hotel/ transient;

PhP 1, 560 for 2 person round trip bus tickets.

Have a nice stay in Baguio!

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