Why are women so hostile towards each other? So we had this cute new girl join our firm this past month. I and the other guys have noticed a lot of hostility towards her by the other girls in the office. When we go out to lunch, she eats with us, 3 or 4 guys, instead of the other girls. She's also been rudely cut off while speaking by the other women during meetings. They go out of their way to make her feel unwelcome. I don't get why women are so threatened by a pretty, smart girl in the workplace of all places ? I mean its not like we're banging each other that the girls should be defending their turf or something. I don't get it

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Answer 1

One word:Competition.

Answer 2

Women are like children, only slightly taller.

Answer 3

Those females in your office are women not girls. I would ask a few questions: Have you bothered to ask any of the other women to lunch? How does she treat those women?

Answer 4

Women are esp bitchy in the workplace, they get very possessive and very territorial, and if she is eating lunch with the guys it is def going to get worse...it's the pack mindset.

Answer 5

Jealousy. I feel ashamed and embarrassed sometimes when I witness how some women can behave towards one another.

Answer 6

As the hottie up there said, competition. And of course, jealousy. Some women think that they DESERVE things that people in general know that they have to WORK to get.

Answer 7

Most likely it's insecurity. If you are confident, there is no reason to behave this way.

Answer 8

I have been the young pretty new girl at the office a number of times. It is too easy to get the attention of some of the male colleagues. Other women see this, and know it all too well, and instead try to relate to you as an impartial professional in the manner that they assume for their hierarchy at the office. If you don't respond with respect, then you're out in the cold. If you act weird to other women, you're freezing.

Now that I'm older and see younger women gravitating to the fawning men, I know it all too well. I have no reason to fawn to this girl. She should know her job. She should know I am her superior. I am pleasant to her at first, but If she avoids me because she prefers the attention of the fawning men then... it hurts... I'm sad for her... but let's get down to business and not pretend to be friends.

If she can grow up and handle it, and learn to treat other women with more respect, then she may go further. If she can get over her insecure vanity and try harder to be friends, even better. It's up to her.

Competition?! Huh! Gimme a break. Those fawns aren't calling the shots... and they are hardly desirable.


Answer 9

It's a lack of confidence.

Answer 10

She's not a "girl", you are men and women in the workplace, and it isn't a social outing, it's your job. If she's performing her job correctly and her supervisor has no problem with her work performance then the rest is just crap and who cares. BTW women are not hostile to each other, I have a very strong feeling that this woman is not doing her job and is pissing off the other women by trying to slide by on being cute instead of doing her work. For all you know she is putting more work on their desks because she isn't pulling her weight. I've seen it way too many times, the cute newbie playing up to the guys and flirting and meanwhile not keeping her mind on her job where it belongs - that is why she is there, to work and produce quality work - and nothing else.

Answer 11

Well they are jealous and misinterpreting her trying to make friends with her getting a lot of attention from guys at work. I wouldn't be having lunch with girls who make stank eye at me either so I can't blame her for only hanging out with the guys. I think they are jealous because she is cute and gets attention. Jealousy is hard on a woman. Trust me, I have 5 sisters and I'm not ugly but they are pretty much perfect and I'm plain so yeah the issue comes up and we can be cruel!

Answer 12

Some women are c*nts, that's life.

Just like some men are assh*les. That's life too.

There's always good and bad people, and the ones in between.

Hopefully the girl is strong enough to not let it get to her and just enjoy her job and the people there who she is friendly with. As long as everyone doesn't hate her, then I doubt it's her and it's just these catty broads with nothing better to do than be ***** to her.

Answer 13

We aren't, generally. I find the women I interact with on a day to day level to be mostly very pleasant and friendly.

Answer 14

Yep it's just a love fest between men competing for a promotion or project, it's only women who are hostile towards each other..ok. If that's what you want to assume..I've seen men treat women like crud at work, and women treat men like crud at work, it's not unusual for humans to treat new ppl like dirt, regardless of the genders involved..it can be for so many reasons..humans are very territorial about their groups, whether its a work or social group.

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