Hard” sciences such as math are more difficult than “soft” sciences such as sociology? It depends on what you're good at. I always found math and physics much easier than bio, psychology, or sociology. I look at it as a spectrum. Physics is at one end. Chemistry is an abstraction on physics. Technically, all of chemistry can be understood based on the underlying physics, but practically speaking, that makes no sense. The chemistry of helium can only be approximated with complex computer programs based on quantum theory. Higher order elements are virtually impossible to understand based on their underlying physics. However, it's very easy to understand such basics with chemistry, which allows complex chemical sciences to emerge. Similarly, biology is an emerging science from chemistry. Psychology is an emerging science from biology. Sociology is an emerging science from psychology. Economics is an emerging science from sociology. Political science is an emerging science from sociology and economics. And so on and so on with interrelationships that get increasingly complex, far more so than my simplistic explanation. Emergence theory says that each new field cannot be well described based on its underlying science. It takes on a life of its own. With that in mind, being good at one does not make any other much easier. If you are generally better at "hard" sciences, then those will be easier for you. If you are generally better at "soft" sciences, then those will be easier for you.

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In sociology you must study statistical analysis, and this is a branch of math that takes months to master. Medicine is an applied science, yet doctors and therapists still have to master calculus.

History is a "soft" science for a number of reasons: there is no experimentation that can be used to test theories (not in a lab, at any rate; the Communist Revolution was a vast political and social experiment to produce a new type of human being, and it failed). History is more than an art, and it can take some very deep digging to answer simple questions such as "Why did the Roman Empire fall when it did?" Sometimes historians accompany archaeologists so they can see discoveries as they come to light. All the sciences are hard.

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It depends of your abbilities. For me hards are mooooooooore difficult than soft. I am a film director (working with people is a social working) but I graduated math and sciences high school. For me was very hard in last year beacause of the math. I realy wished to make films but i didn't managed becaause of NUMBERS.

so I prefer humans instead of numbers.

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Totally the opposite for me. Numbers make sense and there's a right answer. People confuse the heck outa me.

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