Why didnít Europeans ever colonize Ethiopia?

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Date: Sat-Sep-6-2008-
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Mussolini went to Ethiopia because he wanted the Roman Empire to have colonize a country in Africa well because he wanted to seem powerful since half of Africa is colonized by Britain and France and at the time the Holocaust was erupted by Hitler and he was a strong ally of and he wanted Italy to have control as well and he also believed that Ethiopia needed Colonization because he mistakingly thought that Ethiopians were barbarians

Ethiopia is a very strong country with strong people even before the invasion of Mussolini, Tewodros the 2nd of Ethiopia sought to unify and modernise Ethiopia. and when the British Troops invaded Ethiopia Tewodros killed himself for his country.

Ethiopia never gave up on Ethiopia continued the war with out firearms and used spears and stones and the firearms were very limited

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Date: Sat-Sep-6-2008
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I answered this question somewhere else, so I'm just going to copy and paste my previous answer here with a few modifications:

Hi Amanda,

To the answerer above me: Ethiopia was never colonized. The five years that the Italians claimed they did colonize us was infact spent in the main cities. The countryside belonged to the guerilla fighters. There was a constant battle going on during those five years of occupation. And at no time were the Italians at peace nor the Ethiopians subservient.

The answer isn't because we've 'probably got nothing.' Neither is it that we were colonized and freed as war repatriations.

Ethiopia's independence has been fiercely gaurded by the blood of our brothers and sisters who have shed their blood for it. Our independence was fought for.

As a matter of fact March 2nd, is the 'Commemoration of the battle of Adowa' day. That was the day our forefathers won the FIRST war over Italy. There were many more wars to come forty years later.

Hope that helped set you on the right track. To find out more just Google for Ethio-Italian wars.

One Love !!!

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Date: Sat-Sep-6-2008
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