can you die from having too much sex?

Date: Fri-Apr-20-2012-
Response 1
of course not, in fact many doctors said that it is good sample of exercise. you will only die if you have contact with a man or a woman with a disease called hiv/aids.
[m] By: arc1428
Date: Fri-Apr-20-2012
Response 2
The HIV/AIDS the first one who answered just killed his answer. Of course, you could die. One reason is because of STD contamination. Another reason can be when you have cardiac problems, sex can cause cardiac arrest or tampony. So, cardiac patients are advised to be on the lying side and let the partner work it out. Another can be through overworked muscle spasms that if not treated, can lead to death. Lastly, constrictions can occur such as vaginal lock or bronchial spasms which can lead to death in just a few minutes. So, CAN you die from sex? YES.
[m] By: ardnaxe26
Date: Sat-Apr-21-2012
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