Have you ever felt like you couldn't breathe when you split up with someone? I've never experienced this before.. just listening to Jordin Sparks made me wonder

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Date: Thu-Dec-17-2009-

Answer 1

Ha ha ha sorry but that's what they all say.

until they find some one else to replace

then its all ok like never exsisted.

No i don't think so i havent,

cos i never loved any one that much and probely never will.

Wake up cos if you did love any one that much then you would never split up in the first place

All the best and don't listen to the songs and try to live the story.

Answer 2

yeah it feels like ur life is cut off and there is no reason for you to live anymore.

i listen to the song your love is blind by ramzi. im heartbroken. i split up wid my ex just 2 months ago :( i took 70 paractemols and i didnt even die!! :(

i just threw up BARE.. threw up blood to. thats all

Answer 3

yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my ex and me wre together for five years and we broke up like two months ago and i feel the same way and listen to...

because of you-by ne-yo

so sick-by ne-yo

they r goin to make u forget and live on with your life

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Listen To The Lyrics Of The Song

Chris Brown-No Air

^^ Copy And Paste That In The Following Website Search Box


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thats a metaphor in a song silly

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