Pelvic pain during pregnancy- SPD (symphisis pubic dysfunction)

Date: Sun-Dec-27-2015-
Symphisis Pubic Dysfunction can be one of the most uncomfortable complications during pregnancy. Trust me, -Ive been there.

You cannot walk, sit, sleep, crouch, bend, squat, or practically do anything without your pelvis feeling like its being torn in two. Simply said, IT HURTS!!!! It also comes back

with each next pregnancy thereafter, getting worse each time.
So what is it and what causes it?

As mentioned before, SPD is very painful. Pain is felt at the front joint of your pubic bone, with the most common place being at the very front, very low down, and almost feeling like the pain is coming from inside. Because of this, making love can soon become a thing of the past. Pregnancy hormones, relaxin and progesterone loosen the ligaments in preparation for birth, but some women produce too much of this hormone, causing the pelvis to become painful.

SPD is such a common thing to experience during pregnancy, yet so many women just suffer in silence as doctors tell them that there is nothing that they can do.

Well guess what girls, there is something you can do.

Some people have said that getting physiotherapy is a great way to get rid of pain temporarily, but lets face it, not everyone can afford weekly sometimes twice-weekly trips to the physio, so other alternatives are sleeping with a 'body pillow' (see link here) or putting a couple of thick cushions between your legs when sleeping. Some people have also suggested that hot and / or cold compresses can help when placed directly on the source of pain. Avoiding any sort of movement where you have to open your legs helps also, as does sitting down when putting on/taking off your pants and when getting into a vehicle, sitting down sideways with your legs both outside the car and lifting both legs together and moving them as one.

For extreme cases, I dont like reccommending medications during pregnancy, but check with your doctor first and use paracetamol if the pain gets really bad. Dont use it all the time though, as it can hurt your liver and baby if you use it too much.

I hope I have helped some other mothers out there, because this really can be a horrible thing to be stuck with while youre pregnant.
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Date: Sun-Dec-27-2015
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