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blood clots found during pregnancy? How common are they?

Date: Sun-Dec-27-2015-
Blood Clots how common are they today? very common.

I want Pregnant women to be aware that they are common during pregnancy. Why cause i had one develop during my third pregnancy. Here is my story and how it was picked up by me!

I was 34

weeks  pregnant with my third child my previous 2 pregnancy's were a bliss no morning sickness no hassles fantastic labours,no drugs  and no stiches. The best births a women could ask for wasn't that going to change. around 32 weeks pregnant i was really puffed couldn't do anything,couldn't walk from my car to my sons class room,couldn't walk up 20 stairs to my bedroom without collapsing on the ground gasping for breath. I was due for my 34 week checkup with the midwives,while i was there i told them what had been happening and they were saying you are fine its your baby pressing on your diaphragm, i am like geez ok. so i left he hospital and went to see my grandmother who was a old school nurse i was crying to her and saying i don't feel well nan i no that there is something wrong. She told me to go and see someone else as i no my own body.Those wise words saved my life.
I booked my self in to the gynocologist which took a few days to get into but i was there,he himself didn't seem to concerened but sent me for a DVT scan (deep vein thrombosis) clear they then sent me for a heart scan clear. i am begining to think maybe it was my baby that was doing this to me. The DVT specialist suggested that i travel to launceston which was an hour from where i lived to have a lung scan.

As soon as i got to the emergency department i was addmited for a lung scan i went and had a scan crying the whole time as its radiation i was fretting about my unborn child they kept telling me its ok its a low level that my baby will be safe,but of course i was thinking the worst.

Within 5 minuts of having the scan i had doctors and nurses injecting me, putting drips in ,you name it is was like it was a code blue it was so scary they new what was going on except me.

After they had me set up they told me that i had a pulmonary embolism (blood clot on the lung) led to belive it came from my legs they said to me that i was lucky that they had discovered it as it was on its way to my brain omg if i didn't take my nans advice i would not be here today.They would of never dicovered it if i didn't speak up!!!

I was put on clexain injections which is a blood thinner i was to be on that until i gave birth, i sat in that hospital not knowing what was going to happen to me for days. I have never cried so much in all my life.

At 36 weeks pregnant i went into labour excited as i could go on warfrin a better drug for me with my blood clotting as i wasn't allowed to go on it until the baby came out as its harmful.

Because i had only just had a clexain injection i wasn't allowed to give birth for 48 hours cause i could bleed to death. 48 hours later i gave birth by drip to a healthy baby boy 6 pound 7 4 weeks prem they told me that my baby would of been around 11 pound full time thank god he decided to come early.

I am now on asprin for the rest of my life but unable to have  any more children

If you think that tou have had or even have these systems please ask for your doc to look. They blame to much on the baby.

Symptoms are

Chest pain: Pain is very sharp and stabbing in nature, has a sudden onset, and is worse when taking a deep breath (referred to as pleuritic chest pain). 

Shortness of breath 

Anxiety or apprehension 

Cough: Usually, this cough is dry, but it may be associated with blood. 


Passing out

What Is A PE?

A pulmonary embolism (PE) is a blood clot in the lung. It usually comes from smaller vessels in the leg, pelvis, arms, or heart. When a clot forms in the legs or arms, it is referred to as a DVT

The clot travels through the vessels of the lung continuing to reach smaller vessels until it becomes wedged in a vessel that is too small to allow it to continue farther. The clot gets wedged and prevents any further blood from traveling to that section of the lung.

When no blood reaches a section of the lung, that portion of the lung suffers an infarct, meaning it dies because no blood or oxygen is reaching it.

Pregnant Women and Blood Clots?

Most women with a thrombophilia have healthy pregnancies. However, the thrombophilias contribute to a number of pregnancy complications, including fetal losses that occur in late in the first trimester or in the second or third trimesters (i.e., stillbirths), placental abruption (when the placenta separates from the uterine wall, partially or completely, before delivery) and poor fetal growth.

Pregnant women with a thrombophilia are also at higher risk than other pregnant women of developing a VTE. However, even pregnant women without a thrombophilia are more likely than non-pregnant women to develop a VTE. This is due to normal pregnancy-related changes in blood clotting that limit blood loss during labor and delivery. Pulmonary embolus is now the leading cause of maternal death

[d] By: guzzle
Date: Sun-Dec-27-2015
i too had blood clots during my last pregancy i was 24 weeks when i found out, i was 22wks when i was getting crap in my right leg also always getting out of breath went up the hospital but they said i was just having indigestion did'nt even seem to be bothered about the crap in my leg and sent me home 2 weeks later at work my breathing got worse could'nt even talk on the phone without getting out of breath, i went to see my doctor who sent me up the hospital when this time they did some test and found i had blood clots on my lungs they said i was lucky because if i had'nt gone up i would'nt be here today and neither wold my little boy. please if you have a blood clot during your pregnancy take note of what the doctors tell you what you can and not have during labour as i foud out during labour the midwifes had'nt read my notes properly good job i knew what i was allowed to have or i would'nt be here now.
[d] By: subscription
Date: Sun-Dec-27-2015
I to have had this problem. My first pregnancy I gave birth prematurely at 28 weeks due to a torn placenta. About a week after I gave birth I found myself extremely short of breath. The nurses noticed a red rash on my inner thigh and did more tests to investigate. They found that I had a blood clot that had been in my leg but had then travelled to my lungs and spread. I had tiny little clots everywhere. Because I had already had bub they put me on Warfarin straight away. They said that this is probably the reason my placenta tore and I gave birth prematurely.

Not knowing this was going to happen again I fell pregnant a long 10 years later. I was extremely sick with this pregnancy from the word go. At 10 weeks pregnant I noticed I would become breathless on and off and then found it hard to even walk to the clothes line without becoming short of breathe. One afternoon I was bringing kindling in from out the back to start the fire and when I bent down to put it down I got little black spots in front of my eyes and my hands and arms went all tingley and found myself gasping for breathe. My husband immediately called an ambulance. They gave me an eco and noticed my heart rate was eratic. So off to hospital I went. Because of my history they did a test where they put a needle into your wrist to take blood to test for blood clots. Because there were signs of clots they had to do a full body scan. I was scared because of my unborn child.

The scan showed that I had massive clots pushing on the right side of my heart and smaller ones in my lungs. They said that what I had experienced at home was indeed a heart attack. They immediately put me on Clexane injections. I gave birth again prematurely at 29 weeks. If I was to fall preganant again they would put me on Clexane from the word go and said that there would be a good chance I could go full term with no complications but would still be classed as a high risk pregnancy.

Why is it you have to be on blood thinners for the rest of your life though?? They were going to do that with me also but trialled me on warfarin for a year and then off it for a few months and said that I should be ok to stay off thinners now unless I fall preggers again. Is this the reason also you cannot have anymore pregnancies??

Hope all is well with you. Take care x
[d] By: surveys
Date: Sun-Dec-27-2015
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