Is it true that the longer it takes a baby to get their teeth in, the healthier the teeth will be? My 4 month old cut his first tooth last night! I was so surprised because my 2-1/2 year old got his first tooth when he was 9 months old and his teeth are all perfect. So does that mean my 4 month old's teeth won't be as good since he is getting his teeth in so early?

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Date: Sun-Jan-10-2010-

Answer 1

noooooooooo thats an old wives tale!

I cut my first tooth when i was 3 and a half months old, and now im in my mid twenties and have absolutely no cavities or any problems with my teeth. So im proof that its wrong!

All babies are born with teeth buds, its just a matter of every baby cutting theirs at different times! Dont worry about it!

What IS true though, is that its more difficult to clean a 4 month olds teeth... well ... tooth i guess! Therefore children who cut their teeth earlier often do get more cavities ... So ensure you insist on good dental hygiene from the beginning!

Dont worry - your child is fine! :o)

Answer 2

I think that saying came into being back when the average child still used a bottle at age 2. Now doctors tell us to get the children off bottles by age 1 in order to protect their teeth.

Dont let them drink milk in bed at night. The sugars from the milk stay on the teeth and constant sucking on a bottle can malform the teeth.

Answer 3

Not at all - its all about what you eat and how often you brush! My teeth came in really late (about 16mths) and i have had SO many trips to the dentist for fillings, getting teeth pulled (because some baby teeth would stay in when the adult teeth had come through) oh god im so lucky my parents can afford the dentist! My mouth would look horrible! lol

Answer 4

not necessarily my son got his first tooth at 9 months and now i have to bring him to the dentist to have them pulled out because they take so long to fall out they interfere with the new teeth coming younger son got his 1 st tooth at 4 months and his new teeth came in beautiful...

Answer 5

well alot of people do say that the longer they take the stronger they will be. my daughter has just got her first at 14 months so well see...personally i dont agree i think the better the dental hygeine the stronger they will be

Answer 6

Sorry i have never heard of that.

And it doesnt work in our place

( i have 7 kids and my youngest in teething)

Answer 7

My teeth started coming in at 3 months, my mom told me. I have healthy striaght teeth. Should be a case by case thing like most things, no??

Answer 8

Interesting theory but not one i've heard of.

Answer 9

There is nothing like that its just wrong view

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