What ever happened to free government cheese? It still exists, I have a step daughter whom applied for wic and she said she gets so much of it she has to give it away. Why they don't sell that same cheese in stores is beyond me. It is the best cheese I have ever had.

By: Guest
Date: Sat-Dec-19-2009-

Answer 1

It still exists! This type of government food program still helps many Americans. You don't hear about it as much because there are many other programs (food stamps, WIC, etc) that have taken over helping many of the people who would have participated in the past. Many seniors and families with children too old for WIC still depend on the monthly food pick ups.

Answer 2

Dont worry, when Erkle gets elected soon he will make sure everybody gets their cheese

Answer 3

It was nibbled away by the government mice.

Answer 4

I think he was a victim of censorship. Or, he changed his name.

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