How much should I be feeding goats?

Need help from any goat owners. We have 3 female goats: 1 boer, I pygmy, and 1 nubian. How much should I be feeding them? I'm not sure if i'm feeding them enough or too much. As of now, we're feeding about 1.5 lbs or purina goat feed per day (.75 lbs in the morning and .75 in the evening). also, we're throwing in about a half flake of alfalfa. They do forage, but have pretty much cleaned up their area. I also read online they should have 'free' hay, where they can have access to hay all the time. Are they talking about the $7 bales of bedding hay at most feed stores? thanks for reading
Date: Thu-Jul-17-2014-
Goats are usually easy keepers Is that 1.5lbs per head or for all three? You want to make sure you are meeting their vitamin/mineral needs. Check the bag for how much you need to feed if you are feeding too little you can also add a vitamin/mineral in the form of a lick or loose mineral they can free feed off of. A little alfalfa is fine. The hay they are talking about is any early cutting grass hay. They should have it available at all times. I don't know what they have at your local feed store but you would probably do better with selection and pricing if you check with local farmers or even the farm and garden section here on CL. 
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Date: Thu-Jul-17-2014
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