Do male actors get erections during sex scenes? or do they know how to control it to be professional.

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Date: Sat-Dec-19-2009-

Answer 1

Some male actors DO get erections during the sex scenes ..YES ... BUT; it is a normal biological function and they just go on with the scene and let thing go down as it will ....

Answer 2

Mostly no from what I have read. Not really an issue, they are surrounded by guys with cameras and bright lights and a director telling them how to position themselves and how to move and interact with the other actor so they aren't "having sex", they are performing a role. Usually the guys will clip on a sock to cover the penis and scrotum, since an erect guy won't be shown in any movie R rated or above anyway so it won't show--and to have some modesty around the crew-- unless they do show some frontal (flaccid) shots.

Answer 3

Well, more than likely, I would think so. Actually, they might have a type of anti-Viagra. Which could actually make it impossible to get an erection until the medicine wears off.

But more than likely, they do.

Answer 4

Yes both of them gets the feeling as long as i heard male actor keeps ready her galpal to get on her after he shot any hot scene and actress bring a dildo along with her to satify in bathroom.

Answer 5

make me watch this again. Seems like Bruce Willis had his accidentally filmed and it missed the editors

Answer 6

probably yes

Answer 7

I always wonder that too! I have no clue, but I'm sure you would.

Answer 8

I do when I act with hot babes.

Answer 9

maybe probably so

Answer 10


theyre people too.

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