How to make a fake penis? i need for a halloween costume. preferable something that is real looking/feeling. and something cheaper. and let me know if u have ways to keep it where it belongs.

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Date: Wed-Jan-6-2010-

Answer 1

play doh

Answer 2

Get some old panyhose and cut the leg off about 8 inches (or however long you want your fake penis to be, plus two inches) and stuff it with something flesh colored, the rest of the panty hose will do nicely. Make sure you make an indentation where the head meets the shaft (I've done this before). You know, mold it so it looks real. (assuming you've seen one before) then sew it to underwear or a jock strap (depends if you are a girl or guy wearing it). You may somehow sew fur to the underwear or jock strap first, or you can spend some time with a needle and a bunch of short lengths of thread. Or yarn. They sell thin yarn at Wal-mart. It's like $1.98 for more than you'll need, I think. That should pretty much do it! It was a hit at a costume part I went to years ago. Won first place. He dressed up as a flasher with a HUGE fake penis. It was FUNNY! Oh, I think he also fashioned balls out of the panty hose material as well.

Answer 3

I once went to a Halloween party where one of the guys used a rather large salami and a couple of large bunches of garlic for testicles.

I'm not sure how he had it tied on, I didn't want to look at it too closely lol

Answer 4

Seriously, my neighbor 30 years ago did this. I think he used paper mache. It was like four feet tall and it suited him perfectly. After Halloween, it hung on his front door for weeks. Ahh, the good old days!

Answer 5

like a plastic mold and then put like blush or something on it to make it dull, not shiny

thats kind of a weird thing to ask why would you want to do that

Answer 6

Once my BF made one out of alot of silly putty...lets just say that we played a prank on his mother.

Answer 7

your such a dickk

Answer 8

That has to be one of the worst costume ideas.

Answer 9

heard of a dildo?

Answer 10

hahahahaha just stick a pickle down ur pants

Answer 11

A nylon stocking filled with cotton. That's how I do it when wearing tight jeans.

Answer 12

By a dildo for like 15 bucks.

Answer 13

go to s sex shop.. get a cheep dildo?!?!

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