Cant straighten my arm after bicep curls? Hi guys, seeking some help if possible. Yestoday starting doing come bicep-curls after a long time[6months+] done my stretches. Went extreme, pushing myself, my legs were shaking but i thought it would pay off. so i was fine till i woke up this morning and found my arms cant go straight? it hurts. . they just wont go straight no matter how hard i try, went to the doctor and she said spazm or ripped it. this is the area it hurts; the question is; is it normal to have this, have you ever come accross this, do you know how i can cure my arm asap[docs gave me flaming gel] thank you for your time

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Date: Mon-Jan-4-2010-

Answer 1

It's somewhat normal, but it's also a foresight into a problem that can occur in the future if things aren't done properly. When you do curls, you MUST do the entire movement up and back down straight. If you do not, when the muscles get larger, they will regrow in such a way that will only accommodate for the curl movement that you've done, and if you did not do the entire range, you will be unable to put your arms straight. So keep that in mind as you do curls so that you will retain your full range of motion.

Answer 2

when you start exvercising you will stiffen up the next day no matter how many stretches you do. I did 90 sit ups one day after bout 6mths not workin out. It took me a week to be able to straighten out, it even hurt when i lay down to sleep, i couldnt turn over or bend it was so sore!.

I think your ok, unless you really overdid it and pulled something??

Answer 3

You can't kill yourself on the very first workout. It is good to be a little sore, but no so bad you can't move. It will take atleast two weeks for your arms to get better. I wouldnt do anymore curls in the meantime. The first two weeks do light and medium weights until your body gets used to it. It takes time to lift heavy weights.

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Its a normal thing after a very hard workout. You pushed your muscles too far and probably ddin't stretch before the workout. The only thing to do here is to stretch your arm slowly everytime. It should pass in 3 to 4 days.

Answer 5

perfectly normal, it gets very painful/sore after a hard workout, to stretch the muscles again, untill they have recovered after a day or a few days.

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