Which poisons are undetectable in an autopsy? I'm just curious, are there any poisons that can't be detected?

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Date: Fri-Dec-25-2009-

Answer 1

None, if they test far enough, which usually depends on what they think the person died from.

Answer 2

All poisons are detectable, if you are looking for them. If a medical examiner does not believe that a certain poison is responsible for the persons death, he / she is not likely to order such a test.

Answer 3

The ones I use are hard to detect.

Unfortunately, I can't disclose what they are since it is a trade secret.

Answer 4

Human Insulin (humalin)



Inhaled nitrogen

Answer 5

Why would u wanna no it sounds like you are wanting do to do something

Answer 6

ask your browser.

Answer 7

I don't believe there are any.

Answer 8

who do u plan to poison?

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