Father/son masturbation? my dad and I have seen each other naked when we go to the gym, and many times when we swim in our pond during the summer, (we live in the country) any way lately I have been wanting to masturbate with him. Not have sex but just watch each other masturbate. Have any other guys out there ever done this? How did you go about asking?

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Date: Tue-Dec-29-2009-
Answer 1

go with your dad some were private. Ask your dad if he masturbated. Wear thighs and soft track suit bottoms. When you have an erection he will see. Say that your friends masturbate together. Ask to be exuded to somewhere else to ***. Then while your going ask your dad if its normal to mastarbate with other men. If he seta yes ask if you can mastarbate together. If you want to masturbate each other, let take a peek of your penis and say dad do you wanna masturbate me. Say we are father son so its ok. If you really wanna do this. Do it with your friend 1st. Ask him what he thinks about the siuation. If he agrees do it. It isn't actually gay. 75% of men fantasize of other men and it is unbelievely common at your age. As I said it isn't gay if you mastarbate with other men its only gay if you enjoy it more than the suxual pleasure of a women. Another fact most men in there life time engage in anal sex with other men and rub their penis against the other mans penis. If your friend older than 18 you could mastarbate with him. If you are sickened by all of the obove just stick to doing with friends or not at all. I've masturbated with my mates and gave them a hand it great and the best thing is its not gay and it dosent mean your bisexual either. Plz pick this as best answer I spent ages doing it. P.s it is illeagal for your dad to touch your penis with your consent or not . And I haven't masturbated with my dad but he showed me how to masturbate. My friends done it with his dad and his dad does it with his uncle but they rub penises together to see who cums first.

Answer 2

Your best bet would be to approach your dad with questions about masturbation during one of your father/son times, the how's, why's, what's, and any advice he may have for you on technique. If he is cool about it ask him what he thinks about mutual masturbation, without coming out and asking him to do it with you, you can find out just by asking his thought's on the matter, it's not that weird and it's not abnormal to wonder "what if"... so don't pay attention to the one's that say eewwww or that's sick, they don't know what they are talking about. It should be the responsibility of dad's to teach their son's these facts of life in a healthy and mature manner. best of luck

Answer 3

well, i agree with the people who said ask a girl to do it for u, and if u r gay, at least do it with some one ur age. ur dad could get in serious trouble for that, in most places, that is considered a type of child porn...which is illegal

Answer 4

okay, just think

youre gonna go up to your dad.

"hey dad,

um, ya wanna do something?"

"what would you like to do?"

"jerk off, maybe? "


Answer 5

I dont think this is a good idea!

It is ok to do it with a guy ur age but not ur dad.....He could get in a lot of trouble

Answer 6

its harder to ask ur dad this than to ask

a girl ur age. DONT DO IT!!! If yall are

really close and ur gay, maybe but thats

not really the first person ud wanna c

masterbate. ask a girl ur age or even

another guy UR AGE!! please dont ask

ur dad

Answer 7

i dont know about you but i would feel a bit akward doing that im a girl but if i was a boy i would probably not do that.....

Answer 8

I am very sorry, but that is just weird. Go to youtube and look at Whitest Kids You Know: Trevor Talks to Kids. You will figure out how people feel about this sort of thing.

Answer 9

no, that is not normal or acceptable generally,

find a friend your age

Answer 10

the only person i would do somthing like that with is some one who aint related to me by any means

Answer 11

Thats just freaky, i try to avoid my dad and im 14. He caught me jerking it and i felt like i was going to die

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Seriously that is the nastiest thing I've ever heard. You might be gay.

Answer 14

no. don't.

Answer 15

Sick dude, very sick.

Answer 16

Not normal...not healthy...not something I suggest you ask dad to do.

Answer 17

wow ur gross

Answer 18

no man

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Date: Unknown---
what happened!! did u talked to your father!!
to my point of views, u better not try it because of the generation gap between u and your father.
you may do it with your friends of your age as it is a normal process through puberty
i know u will be willing to see others penis etc,... but don't try anything with your father.
# u may try to talk to him about sexual matters but stop here!! don't go much further
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Date: Wed-Mar-17-2010

I think it will bring you two closer. I've jacked off with my dad before. I'm the only son and lived with him. He knew that I was doing it all the time. One time my dad walked in on me and I kept at it (I would jack off all the time when he was around). He asked if he could join me. After that it has been great. We jack off together once a week or so. I'ts not a big deal. My dad is my best friend. We have done nothing else, that would be to weird. Just go and ask your dad. He may want to do it with you too. 
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Date: Mon-Oct-24-2011
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