Difference in underwear?! Whats the difference, if any, between boxer briefs, trunks and hipsters?

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Date: Sat-Jan-2-2010-

Answer 1

They all fit close to the body, but leave a little swing room.

Boxer briefs have a longer leg - they ususally come to about mid-thigh.

Trunks are a shorter than boxer briefs - they hit the upper thigh, but they are the same construction.

Hipsters mean that the top of the underwear hits lower on the torso.

Answer 2

I think boxer briefs and trunks are closer to your body and help support you better. me i prefer boxer briefs or string bikini underwear

Answer 3

well boxers.is loosest... boxer briefs holds it in place but look like boxers... briefs are a bit tight... trunks are similar to boxer briefs... but shorter in leg length

Answer 4

trunks are very nice :) and hold everything is place with lots of room for happy time lol

Answer 5

Well, hipsters are lower cut, trunks... I think that they are boy shorts and .... Boxer breifs just cover more

Answer 6

boxer briefs are SEXIEST!

Answer 7

the size, shape and fit of them

whatever is more comfortable is better

Answer 8

comfort level

Answer 9

The size the shape and how they fit


Answer 10

i think that boxers are more comfortable but the final choice is yours.

Answer 11

the briefs fit tighter to ur legg

Answer 12

the way they fit

Answer 13

the way that they fit

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