What happens when you masterbate everyday? What would cause the health problem? Also people say why their sacks are hanging?

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Date: Thu-Dec-31-2009-

Answer 1

You are in a more consistently relaxed and better mood.

Answer 2

Hey Man, it's ok to masturbate everyday, just like it's OK to have sex every day.

When you get married, you likely be making Love 2 or 3 times per day. It's just healthy and good for you and yur overall sense of well being. Awesome physical expression....takes away anxiety and tension and keep yur package parts working really good and in good shape.

Yur sack is natures temperature control for yur nutz. They are hung in a sack outside yur body because they do their best work at 2 deg. below body temp. which is 96.6 deg. F.

If yur nutz start to get warm, as in after exercise and masturbating, the sack will soften and turn into loose skin and drop the nutz away from the body to try to cool them off to that lower temperature that they like. The skin becomes loose with more surface area so that the air can cause better cooling through the loose sack.

If you get cooler or cold, the sack pulls yur nutz up close to the body and the sack puckers up and turns really rubbery to insulate against heat loss.

That's the goods Dude

Wishing good stuff for you man

Me! :- )

Answer 3

You come everyday! That's it. There are no health effects from it.

I've been doing it everyday (if not more) since I was 11 years old. I'm 30 now and still do it everyday. It's perfectly healthy!

Your sack hangs down because your testicles need to be a few degrees cooler than your body temperature to produce healthy sperm. During hot weather or when taking a hot bath/shower your balls will actually hang down a bit lower than usually and when you are cold they will draw up closer to your body.

Answer 4

There are no health problems with masterbating daily. Most guys do it, especially teens, and are quite healthy. It is simply solo sex. Not sure what you mean by sacks are hanging-- yeah guys' balls will hang down when relaxed or very warm or following ejaculation. Just normal.

Answer 5

Ok thats just grossssss what captain said about your balls get closer to your body when its colder and when itts hotter they draw back down LOL But i know its trueLOL When you masturbate you become a person with no girlfreind to do LOL I dont masturbate because i do my gf alot instead and im 12 years old!!

Answer 6

physically no ... mentally if it becomes an obsession spiritiually yes if it is matter of lust as well..

Youre sack will hang regarless and it often does in hot weather ..

Answer 7

you become anemic and then you will lose the appetite to have sex because your so dependent on your masturbation.

Answer 8

masturbating has no health effects whatsoever except shaving. sacks hang down because they are hot and need some air.

Answer 9

nothing bad will happen

it is a normal and healthy activity

lots of boys masturbate much more than that a day

Answer 10

after doing the man's ritual, i feel ease from stress. its healthy for us men, it prevents prostate cancer.

Answer 11

You become a man.

Answer 12

u build up your stamina

Answer 13

ur balls shrink

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