Compound Inequalities - How would you do for example: -3<y and y<=6-3x? Help me please!

By: Guest
Date: Fri-Oct-12-2012-
Lets start with an easy example.

-3<y if y=5

well.. -3<5. You might scratch your head. hmmm. Is this a true statement? Do you think it is??!!

Lets find out in a number line.

-5 -4 <-3> -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 <5>
-3 is here^ positive 5 is here^

The way to find out which number is bigger or smaller than the other on a number line is that if the number is to the right compared to the other.

So number 5 is greater than -3. The statement is true!!

[d] By: Guest
Date: Fri-Oct-12-2012
What is 1 + 100

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