Why did Southern states fear the outlawing of slavery? yeah why?

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Answer 1

It meant that they would have to get out of bed to wipe their own asses in the future.

Answer 2

For the same reason Republicans like Reagan and McCain support Amnesty. They don't want to pay a fair wage for labor.

Answer 3

Slave were the labor used by their agriculture ecoomy. Plus people had paid good money for the slaves and did not want to lose the money they had invested

Answer 4

Cause they were lazy and didnt want to do all the bich work themselves

Answer 5

They feared a loss in production in the plantations.

Answer 6

economic meltdown.... honestly... they would suffer in production and they would have to pay their workers.

That is why we grew up and started using indentured servants. hahaha.

Slavery was wrong, but putting them out on their own like that really didn't work either. I Think that we would have been better off if we had paid them and then let them buy pieces of property. I think we would have seen a much different future, than just leaving them on the outside with nothing.

Answer 7

The southern states economies were built on zero cost for labor, slave labor. Removing slavery would remove their workforce, as they knew it at the time. They feared the negative impact on their economy.

Of course, they all conveniently focused on their economies and not the fact that they were enslaving a human.

Answer 8

Why not? Free labor, No health benefits. Work like horses.

They breed more workers free.

Answer 9

It was there cheap and unjust form of labour , they would have had to the work themselves or pay a proper rate . In them day's ignorance was bliss and they truly believed they were superior ,

Answer 10

It was because it was one of the main income that the south produced. See, the south was known for cotton, rice, and other crops and slaves were free labor. They didn't want to outlaw slavery because they would lose their supply of free labor, therefore money. Thats how slave owners became rich. They harvested and sold not only slaves, but the crops they produced.

Answer 11

Because they would have no workers!!!

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