Why does Venus have a stronger and thicker lithosphere than Earth? Many scientists suspect that Venus has a stronger and thicker lithosphere than Earth. If this is true, which of the following could explain it? a.Venus has a much higher reflectivity than Earth. b.Venus has a much stronger greenhouse effect than Earth. c.Venus is only about 73% as far from the Sun as Earth. d.Venus has a higher atmospheric pressure than Earth.

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Answer 1

D. Atmospheric pressure places a positive force on the formation of crust.

Answer 2

They do? It might? Jeez , who knew? The lithosphere is usually considered to be the upper regions of the crust , i.e. the outer few dozen miles of a planet. So, first, I don't know how any lithosphere could be considered "strong" or "thick", and second,

--a more dense lithosphere might be implied by, but not imply, a higher reflectivity. It's a stretch, but maybe.

--how a greenhouse effect would be predicted by a more dense lithosphere I can't imagine.

--distance from the sun? don't know what that has to do with anything.

--higher atm press? nope.

Now, "atmosphere"...ahhhhhhh, that's another ball o' wax altogether.

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