how to change the year on microsoft calendar?

have a 2008 calendar need a 2009 calendar how do you change the year on Microsoft office document
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double click on time om your bottom task bar right corner of your screen and change year from that screen.and your calendar should change to 2009
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Change the Date and Time in Windows XP this will update all application calendars too


Start Windows XP normally. Make sure you are logged in as an administrator or as another user with privileges for changing settings.


Click on the time that is displayed in the task bar. This will bring up the Date and Time Properties box. You can also right-click on the time by clicking on the "Adjust Date and Time" menu option.


Highlight a portion of the time on the digital clock, beneath the graphic representation of the time (it looks like a traditional round-faced clock), to highlight it. Make sure you have highlighted the correct portion (hours for hours, minutes for minutes).


Enter the time you wish to change and click "Apply."


Click one of the drop-down menus in the "Date" section of the window. This will allow you to change the month and the year, either by typing them in or selecting them from the menu.


Click on a particular day of the week to reset the calendar to that day.


Remember to click "Apply" whenever you change a property or multiple properties. Your changes will not be confirmed until you do.


Enable the daylight-savings time function in the "Time Zone" tab. This will automatically change the clock to conform with daylight-savings time

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