Has anyone know a RO to be DENIED?

Looks to me, from other cases of those restrained, that judges just fork RO's right over. No prior domestic violence neccesary. Such was the case with me. Any half assed cock and bull story will do the trick in a declaration. Like Susie's declaration. I'm really curious. I wanna know if any of you lawyers people know if a RO has been denied, ever. Won't surprise me much if one never has.
Date: Fri-May-26-2017-
I know a guy who got one overturned 
I read the decision and chuckled at the part where the judge said "if the courts granted restraining orders because someone raised his or her voice over the phone, half the country would have them"

iirc it cost him something like $20k but he wanted full custody of his child so it was worth it to him 
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Date: Fri-May-26-2017
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