I want to write a will but who do i make the executor if I have no friends or family?

I have one friend from childhood I keep in touch with but I'd feel weird leaving that responsibility with her. I just want to make sure my money goes to my chosen charity and not to any dirt bag family members I cut out of my life years ago.
Date: Fri-May-26-2017-
Go directly to the (charity,do good, religious, or whatever) and tell them you want them to have what's left. They will either do it themselves or have their own rep do it. Avoid going through a "phone book" lawyer and getting ripped off. Avoid probate , and here the major recipient will most certainly advise and help. The charities will be able to help you create an estate plan that gets them the money while avoiding probate. Depending on the charity, they may have volunteer attorneys that will assist you for free.

You can ask...worst thing they can say is "no."

[d] By: logistic
Date: Fri-May-26-2017
If a will leaves a legacy to a charity, or charities, the charities concerned will often have experienced Legacy Officers who check the accounts and monitor the work of the Executor.
[d] By: ozwynn68
Date: Wed-Jun-7-2017
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