Does anyone knows how to get a court hearing to go in front of a judge to motion a judge to compel the other side to produce documents (discovery)

This for Alameda county. I have already filed form SC-105 "Request for court order and answer" which is a motion for production but the defendant have not responded. my understanding is the next step is to motion to compel, to get the court order.
By: anus
Date: Fri-May-26-2017-
You can subpoena documents, right. If you subpoena documents and have them send it in you can potentially see the documents before trial, right? Is there a time lime when they need to send in the documents subpoenaed? 

Also is the other side has not responded to form sc-105 "request for court order and answer". How can you get a judge to review it and make a ruling?? 

Date: Fri-May-26-2017
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