What is Sapience buddy?

Transparency BPOs can now know, track and analyse data related to employees actual work time and activity breakup. This work output tracking system can beused to make comparisons between employees and teams, and identify areas for improvements.
Date: Thu-Nov-24-2016-
Sapience Buddy is

a pioneering software product to track time, with no global equivalent. Today’s digital

world means that our personal and work lives are increasingly

interwoven. This demanding environment with a constant buzz of

conversations and activity that is irresistible is leaving us overwhelmed,

distracted and exhausted, and wondering – “Where did my time go?”

Sapience Buddy

empowers you to get back in control. It automatically discovers your daily work

patterns and time spent on multiple activities at work and outside. It even

captures your physical work activity, thus giving you a single view of your

work and workout data. Its unique Work YogaTM feature guides

individuals on simple changes to work habits that can have a dramatic impact on

productivity and wellness. It acts as your virtual assistant, quietly holding

up a mirror to your day, allowing you to set goals for improvement, and

encouraging you with daily feedback. Wellness prompts guide you on best

practices- taking break every 60 minutes and maintaining focus on core


Sapience Buddy is

a single app that you can download on your PC & mobile. You can combine the

data from both these devices into a single dashboard view for analysis.

Managers and CxOs gets productivity data and actionable reports that highlight

opportunities for productivity gains, and help optimize the allocation of their

talent across groups, roles and locations. With Sapience, the HR and business

leaders can identify top talent, facilitate experience hops as a mean to retain

and elevate talent, determine employees at possible flight risk, and ensure

optimal resource utilization across the organization. Time Tracker App

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