how do you copy and paste text from windows to oracle virtualbox running ubuntu

Date: Thu-May-3-2012-
Response 1
you have to start the virtual machine then go to Devices menu > install additional addon - that if you are using windows. for ubuntu do this
run this
sudo su
enter your root or root equivalent password

apt-get update 

apt-get upgrade
apt-get install dkms

and reboot ubutnu virtual os
when your virtual ubuntu OS start do this
go to devices menu>cd/dvd devices>choose virtual cd/dvd disk file
and navigate to your ubuntu os file you downloaded mine was ubuntu-11.04-server-i386.iso
this will mount that iso as a cd rom again go to devics> select the that file name then run these commands as a root

cd /media

mkdir myubuntuiso

sudo mount /dev/sr0 myubuntuiso/

cd myubuntuiso/

[m] By: Guest
Date: Thu-May-3-2012
Response 2
thanks man u save my life.
[m] By: Guest
Date: Thu-May-3-2012
Response 3
just use this code


sudo aptitude install virtualbox-guest-additions

that should do it

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Date: Mon-May-7-2012
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