what is the best way to get related data from large table in mysql using perl or php?

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What is the best way to get related data from large table in mysql using perl or php?

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To have any data in mysql Perl or Php, you have to install the mysql and this can be done in three ways.

First step is using the official package of installing mysql. This is done by down loading the file, extracting it and then running the installer. Anther way of installing the programme is by using a Linux package manager like the Ubuntu. The other installation way which is the easiest of all is to complete the Mysql set up on your computer.

The first step is to create a mysql table. set a name followed by foreign key settings and then create a the table address. Creating the table address can be done in the following steps. Create the first name, the last name, postal address one, postal address two, the address town, address province, the postal code. You can fill the address with fake names. An example of inputting the data is a s below:-

Set name latin 1:

Setting foreign key

Creating the table address:


('1','jane'humphrey', '9678','8765', 'rosewood', 'nyc','00100'),

('2'2, 'peter','jones','9000',6508',Belly island',suncity',8900',),

('3','3','sarah','simson', '4567', '89000', 'Kiambu', 'central', 00500',).

The Perl is then used to create all pages as this enables you to put all written info in the directory.

The scripts that can be used to create are as below:-The homepage that lists all the details entered in the database,The page that enables you to complete all details in the form for the new address.The Perl or Php script that allows you to save the entire data from the web page(add)The Perl or Php script that allows you to make changes or edit any info (edit)The page for saving the last result input in your page. (edit _save)The page for deleting any unwanted info in the system(delete.pl)

The next step is to create a web page that will list all the entries in the database. Perl script is used to display the html. First, a homepage is enabled, which looks something like:-


First and last name




Postal code


Jane Humphrey

9678, 8765





Peter Jones


Belly island




Sarah Simson





After the editing process, a link is created by just pointing the address which then creates the web page.

The relation between Mysql and Perl is known as database handle.

Mysql Data on a web page can also be sorted out using Perl. 

First, prepare a database that will be used in Mysql. Then provide the scripts to be used. A Perl script is needed to retrieve all the data entry and at the same time creation of a web page is done. Decide on which data to sort and choose either ascending or descending way of sorting. This can be done in six different ways.

An example;

Sort by:

$ sort

Item name

In Ascending order

Item name

In Descending order

Cost of the item

In Ascending

Cost of the item

In descending

Every time a sort command is used, a message is sent to the database thus its important to choose which column is to e sorted.
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