Anu-ano ang impluwensiya ng amerikano sa Pilipinas ?

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Date: Tue-Dec-29-2009-
American Influences can still be seen in the country's system of education, literature, art, architecture, science, industry, home, food, clothes, religion, pastimes, music and dances. Filipinos took education seriously which resulted to the high social status of some Filipinos. The Filipinos learned how to read, speak and write English in a short matter of time. The free exchange of goods between the United Stated and the Philippines ended when the U.S. Congress approved the Tydings-Mcduffie Law. Through the Homestead Act, the right to own any civil land up to 24 hectares was given to any Filipino. The Protestant religion was accepted by the Filipinos. The social status of Filipino Women during the American period. They were allowed to participate in politics, to work in the government, and to pursue their studies in college. Matters like health and cleanliness were improved. Transportation and communication in the Philippines were developed.

The influence of the American culture brought about good and bad aspects to the Philippines. Many roads and bridges were constructed. New technologies were introduced to the country. These technologies helped the Philippines' industries and agriculture. All these developments were made for the convenience of the Americans in the Philippines most especially the businessmen. Philippine people might have enjoyed some benefits but they were not the real reasons why such developments were made. The rules that had been imposed by the Americans to the Filipinos in relation to health and education also had negative effects. The Americans imposed these rules to achieve their main objective, which is to colonize and use the country and its people. Education was the most useful means or ways in pursuing a peaceful relationship with the Filipinos. Through education, the Americans influenced the Filipinos in terms of the way they eat, to love the American culture and most of all, to prioritize American products.

If the Spaniards used religion as an excuse to capture Filipino's hearts and minds, the Americans poisoned our way of thinking through education. Because of these, the Filipino have neglected and set aside their own culture and their own identity.

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Date: Tue-Dec-29-2009
marmi ang naimpluwensiya sa atin ng amerikano

Ito ay ilan lang sa halimbawa:

1. wika

2. pangkat ng tao

3. edukasyon

4. panahanan

5. pananamit

6. transportasyon

7. komyunikasyon

8. libangan/ laro

9. relihiyon

10. musika/ sayaw

11. pagkain

12. kaugalian

13. sining

14. kabuhayan

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Date: Tue-Dec-29-2009
What is 1 + 100

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