What is the difference between potassium feldspar sodium feldspar and calcium feldspar?

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Date: Fri-Jun-5-2009-
Here is what I had in my old geology notes (briefly) from university.

Alternate words in parenthisis.

1. Potassium Feldspar, also known as SANIDINE, is a high temperature version of orthoclase (a mineral) and it is usually transparent (see-through).

2. Sodium Feldspar, also known as ALBITE, normally is made up of very brittle, glassy crystal structures (shapes).

3. Calcium Feldspar, also known as ANORTHITE, is white or gray in composition (makeup).

All are used to some degree in ceramic glaze manufacturing due to their high temperature properties.

(They are used to make glaze in ceramics).

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Date: Fri-Jun-5-2009
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