How to install replacement pump on Hayward super pump?

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Date: Fri-Jun-5-2009-
There are several reasons why you may need to replace you hayward

superpump on your pool or spa. Some reason may be , frozen motor, bad

wet end, bad seal, or you just want a new pump, and there are other

reasons as well.

You will need have to do a few things before you can get started.

Some things you will need to do is find out the horsepower of the motor

on the pump, and type of hayward super pump that you have, gather some

tools etc.

Finding out the horsepower of your hayward super pump

  • To find out what the horse power of your hayward super pump is you

    simply have to look on the sticker that is on the motor itself. The

    motor is the part of the pump towards the rear, and you will see wires

    hooked to the motor as well. Once you see the sticker just look for the

    H.P. label and that will let you know if you have a 1/2 hp, 3/4 hp, 1

    hp, 1.5 hp, or 2 hp hayward super pump.

  • Getting Ready for the installation of the pump

    Now that you have found out the horse power of your super pump and have

    bought a replacement one you will need some tools and a few small steps

    to safe and have a problem free job. You will need a few tools to get

    the job done, most are household items found in the family toolbox but

    some maybe specialty tools that plumbers use, if you do not have the

    tools that we have listed see if you can borrow the tools from a

    neighbor, friend, store or you can simply buy them and have them for

    future repairs.

    Tools you will need to replace the hayward super pump

  • Pair of water pump pliers or channel locks

  • Common or Flat Head screwdriver

  • Teflon Tape or thread sealant paste

  • 5 gallon bucket filled with water

  • Now that you have gathered all the tools together and you have the

    replacement pump all out of the box you will need to turn off the power

    to the unit, you can simply walk over to the circuit breaker box and

    shut off the circuit for the pool filter, if you are unsure how to shut

    the power down you might want to considering hiring a professional to

    install the pump or ask someone to shut the power down for you.

  • Installing the Hayward Super pump

    Step One: Rechecking the power

  • The first step is to recheck that the power is shut down to the

    pool pump, make sure you double check to make sure the power is off.

  • Step Two: Draining water from pump

  • Remove the drain plugs on the bottom of the pump housing, you will

    see one drain plug on the side of the pump on the bottom and the other

    drain plug on the front of the pump on the bottom of the water housing

    or wet end as some people call it. This will allow all the water to

    drain from the pump.

  • Step Three: Disconnecting the electric from pump

  • Now that the water is drained out you will want to disconnect the

    electric from two places, first find the outlet where the pump is

    plugged in or trace or follow the cord back to where the outlet is and

    then pull the cord out from the outlet unless the system is hard wired,

    which is possible as well but won't be a problem because the next step

    will solve that issue. So now that the cord is removed you want to

    remove the back cover of the pump using the flat head screwdriver you

    can remove the two screws that hold on the back cover.

    The back cover is now off and you will see that the end of the cord

    is either held on by the slip connectors that you can just slide of the

    posts or you may have to use that flathead once again and loosen two

    screws that hold the wires on the motor, once you have completed one of

    the two options you cord will now be removed from the pump. Do not

    through it out will need this for the new pump unless you bought a new


    Step Four: Disconnecting the Plumbing from the pump

  • Replacing a pump with unions

  • Now that all the electric is disconnected you are going to loosen

    the union nuts by turning them counter clockwise with the pair of water

    pumps or channel locks you have. There should be two unions, one on the

    suction side of the pump and one on the discharge side. Once you have

    loosened the two union nuts you can slide the pump away from the filter

    giving you more room to work. If for some reason you don't have unions

    or only have one union then please read below about how to remove a

    pump with no unions.

  • Replacing a pump with no unions

    If you have no unions to disconnect on you pump then what you will

    have to do is cut the pipe with a pvc saw if the pipe is made of pvc,

    some old systems have steel pipe and they can be connected using a

    "no-hub" connector by simply loosing it and then sliding it off.

    So if you have pvc pipe just cut the pipe on the suction side and

    on the pressure side of the pump and then when you re-install it you

    will have to glue on some pvc couplings to re bond the pipe.

    Step Five: Removing the fittings and re-installing the pump

    Just spin the fittings that are left in the pump housing out by

    spinning them counter clockwise. Now its time to just put everything

    back on the new pump that you took off the old. Just simply reverse

    these directions to re-install the pump.

    Side Note:

    The fittings that you unscrewed or removed ( drain plugs &

    fittings ).Make sure you wrap them or paste then with teflon tape or

    pipe sealant before you spin them back into the new pump.

    When you are looking at the old cord ort plug, and you see any

    cracks on the wire or extensive wear make sure you replace the plug and

    cord before going any further.

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