Why does some dogs eat rocks?

By: Guest
Date: Wed-Jun-3-2009-
Some dogs will eat rocks because they sit under the deck behind the bar-b-que and they taste good.

It sounds though, like you have made rocks in to a toy, which is an *extremely* bad idea. Not only are they bad for her teeth, but they can accumulate in her gut, and cause serious problems (requiring surgical correction). If you don't already, I would seriously consider taking out pet insurance on this dog (after getting her checked by a vet).

Sounds like a GI blockage just *waiting* to happen.

In the meantime, stop throwing rocks for her, and train her to avoid the rocks, rather than play with them. If there is a chance the rocks might be tasty --- remove them from the area.

**edit --- Its also 'normal' for labs to get intestinal blockages. Seriously, when ever someone calls the vet clinic and says 'my dog ate ----', my first thought is - is your dog a lab?

I have two labs, and they are both wonderful, wonderful dogs, and neither of them have had any blockages, but I would guesstimate that > 75% of the calls to the clinic with a blocked dog are about labs.

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Date: Wed-Jun-3-2009
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