How to pack a fridge correctly?

By: Guest
Date: Wed-Jun-3-2009-
well Fruits and veggies need to go in the crisper drawer(s).

Meats on the bottom shelf.If they are opened they need to be on a shelf alone as you don't want them touching other items.

Condiments in the door.

Eggs,cheese,yogurt go on the middle shelf.

Milk on the top shelf along with juice cartons.

If you are not planning on eating the meats soon,(within the next day or so) just freeze it in the freezer.

I have a problem with germs and things.I do not like to freeze them in the packages they came in.I transfer them to air tight freezer bags or a air tight container then freeze them.Sometimes the blood from the meat is all over the inside and if it gets tore or anything you don't want it to contaminate other food items.

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Date: Wed-Jun-3-2009
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